18 February 2013

She in NONA and BELLA Talk Show

Finally , i got this Magazine!fuhhh fuhh fuhhhhhh..
beli semata-mata nak tgk my mentor dalam magazine Nona, March issue...hehe.
Sebagai bukti business ni business betol2 dan
 merupakan business profesional.
Cuba korang bayangkan  macam mana 
Business corset boleh jadi business Professional,
Think ...


Who is she?
She is My Mentor 
She is My Great Leader
She is a Motivator
She is Young and Rich
She is the Pioneer Online Marketing Entrepreuneur of 
Premium Beautiful 
She is the Founder of Green Leaders Academy Msia
From rm3000 ..
now she earns RM200K ++ per month

She keeps inspiring women to succeed like her...
From plain housewife now she become a succesful 
online entreprenuer.

From Nobody become Somebody

To be a good leader , you have to be a good follower.

Wanna be like her?
Let's be part of of Green Leaders Group

Choose the right group and the right business!

Contact me 019-6343027

And also, 
Hari ni my Mentor ada recording dgn Bella Talk Show.
Tak sabar nk tgk  di NT7..
nnt I update k:)

gamba ni elya ambik dari instagram :)

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