05 October 2015


The main reason WHY we need to have SIDE INCOME... The only way to resolve this issue is by having a #BUSINESS. Even dalam Islam did mention 9/10 success is from business... 

To set up a new business you need to have a big capital.
You have two options:

1. To be a #DROPSHIP where you promote product is already in market either MLM or whatever product . 

2. Be My Business Partner for #SHOM (Sahajidah Hai-O) , one of the company listed in BSKL.The company is so well established. You can earn at least RM5000 a month. 

Choices is in your hand.. 
* pls read this status and ignore. 
* pls read this status and whatsapp me (019-6343027)  for more details. 

If you already in business line, good job #kipidap n all da best.
For those not yet involve in business, this is your chance to change your life 360°.

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Your Business Coach ,

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